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So I had a Weird Dream by IAmInvaderSim So I had a Weird Dream by IAmInvaderSim

Sooo this was a part of my weird ass dream that i had. This is the scene where one of the kids in little blue tuxedos gave me a soft cookie to eat (that was really good and also cheered me up in the dream). At the time i wasn’t sure if Vegeta took most of the seat on purpose or not but later in the dream proved that he did. (reason why my eyes are really wide in this is that i’m 1) coping with what the hell was going on and 2) was trying not to piss off Vegeta too much cuz as you can see from all the kids in the moving home were pissing him off already). In this i tried to mix my style with the Dragon Ball Z style a little bit (also this is my first time drawing Vegeta, i used a loooot of references)

The Dream

I don’t remember the beginning of it but eventually there was Vegeta, Goku, and a few other Dragon Ball Z characters. Vegeta was for some reason flying around carrying me at random places. I don’t remember talking though. We eventually found a weird moving home. Inside of it were a ton of kids wearing cute little blue suits. One of them gave me a cookie and it was really good (inside it looked like everyone was having a big tea party). The twins from Harry Potter were apparently driving the house, they started talking to us then they were just talking to me. Vegeta then dragged me to another room saying their voices were pissing him off. We sat in awkward silence until the scene skipped to where we eventually made it to where he was trying to go and it looked like another Dimensions version of what seemed to be his home world. He had to find a reason for me to stay and made me a cleaning servant (more like personal servant though cuz he ordered me to get stuff for him and follow him around ). That went on for a while  A few days later his father 'somehow' died and he became king, and you can take a wild guess who he picked to be his partner/queen -@ the dream then skipped over to where Goku (Vegeta told me to call him Kakorot and i kept messing that up) was around and we had to work together to defeat someone and i was confused as all hell cuz i’m not a fighter at all. We went to dark room where there was a tub of weird water and we were supposed to soak in it to get stronger. Of course the whole time i was going “Seriously guys i’m not a fighter i’ll only bring you guys down!” and such. I was forced to sit in the tub anyways and it was just awkward silence from there until things got really really weird then i woke up not too long after.

another random scene I remember is vegeta wearing a strange looking tattoo on his arm asking me to get the ‘symbol of my home planet’ for some reason and told me to look in my bags (which I didn’t know he brought). I looked everywhere for them and when I found it he dragged me to what looked like an altar and a random dude tattooed it on my arm very fast (looked pretty good at the time, didn't see it much) and he said some weird things and suddenly I was married to vegeta? I don’t remember when that part happened though, regardless this was the most confusing part for me.

the thing is, i only have watched the abridged series and a few random real episodes of dragon ball z and i never thought i liked vegeta >.> my dream is apparently telling me otherwise.

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Reitanna-Seishin Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
... wut
IAmInvaderSim Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
exactly my response when i woke up.
Sandvich33 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Chef Excellence: "An excellent response."
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Cat nods 
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